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10% Aluminum-Zinc Gabion

Detailed Product Description

Gabion wire mesh specifications table:

Productions nameCage length M(L)Cage width M(W)Cage height M(H)
Gabion wire mesh1.0-4.00.5-2.00.5-1.5

Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements processing.


Galvanized iron wire dia.1.5-2.81.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.2.5-3.52.5-3.82.5-4.02.5-4.0
Galvanized iron wire dia.2.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.3.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.0


10% aluminum-zinc alloy gabion is a new international emerging materials, which is more and more accepted and popular in all over the world, especially in the developed countries.
As we all know, the zinc coated wire has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance during using. The aluminum-zinc alloy wire has triple performance and service life than the pure zinc wires.
The zinc-aluminum alloy steel wires are woven or welded into panels and then connected to form cages for protection and decoration. According to different content of aluminum, it can be divided into zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal (Zn-5 Al-MM) alloy-coated gabion, which is known as Galfan gabion and zinc-10% aluminum-mischmetal (Zn-10 Al-MM) alloy-coated gabion.


Features of 10% aluminum-zinc gabion
● Oxidation film. When exposed in the corrosive environments, the 10% aluminum zinc gabion will become black, which form an oxidation film for better corrosion and rust resistance performance.
● Triple life than the galvanized gabions. Due the better corrosion and rust resistance performance, the 10% aluminum-zinc gabion has triple life than the galvanized gabions. Additional, the 10% aluminum-zinc gabion has better adhesion performance and abrasion resistance performance than other materials gabions.
● Stability and electrochemical protection. The stability of 10% aluminum and alloy gabion is similar as the pure aluminum coating and the electrochemical protection is same as the pure zinc coating.
Applications of 10% aluminum-zinc gabion
● 10% aluminum-zinc gabion can be used as retaining wall. Gabion retaining wall is a new type of retaining structure, which is low cost and ecological. It can maintain the healthily growth of plant for beautiful surface.
● 10% aluminum-zinc gabion can be used for protect the river bank, coastal, slope stability and bridge stability.
10% aluminum-zinc gabion can also be used as channel lining, flood controlling and other applications.