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Galfan Coated Gabion

Detailed Product Description

Specifications of Galfan coated gabion cage
● Material:galvanized steel wire, PVC coating wire, Zinc-aluminum alloy wire.
● Wire diameter:
   galvanized/Galfan wire diameter: 2.0 mm - 3.0 mm
   PVC coating wire diameter: 2.0/3.0 mm - 3.0/4.0 mm.
● Selvedge wire diameter:3.4 mm.
● Lacing wire diameter:2.2 mm.
● Mesh size:
   woven type: 6 cm × 8 cm, 8 cm × 10 cm, 10 cm × 12 cm and other sizes are available

Gabion wire mesh specifications table:

Productions nameCage length M(L)Cage width M(W)Cage height M(H)
Gabion wire mesh1.0-4.00.5-2.00.5-1.5

Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements processing.

Galfan gabion cage is a new type material gabion cage, which contains 5% aluminum and 95% zinc coating. Compared with galvanized gabion cage, which contains 99% zinc coating, Galfan coated gabion cage offers around three times greater protection to the gabion cage.
The aluminum coating will form an oxidation film to resist the corrosion, rust, acid and alkali erosion. When this layer is broken, there are still zinc coating protection.
Galfan coated gabion cage also has different types


Feature of Galfan coated gabion cage
● High corrosion and rust resistance. Aluminum and zinc coating supplies double protection for the gabion cage.
● Chemical stability. Excellent acid, alkali, salty and other chemical resistance, which can be used in the harshest environment.
● High tensile strength. triple twisted structure supplies higher tensile strength to the gabion cage for stability.
● Solid and rigid structure. The welded Galfan coated gabion cage has solid and rigid structure due to the welding on each and every intersection.
● High benefit and value. Though the price of Galfan coated gabion cage is higher than the galvanized gabion cage or PVC coating gabion cage, but the durable and long service life is worthy for that.

Applications of Galfan coated gabion cage
Galfan coated gabion cage can be used in the harshest environment applications, such as high corrosive, rust, acid, alkali and other aggressive applications. It can supply additional protective coating to the gabion cage to ensure the long and durable service life.