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Reinforced Hexagonal Wire Netting

Detailed Product Description

Hexagonal specifications table:

Productions nameNet width M (W)Net length M (L)
Hexagonal wire mesh0.5-4.010-50
Reinforced hexagonal wire mesh1.0-4.010-50


Galvanized iron wire dia.1.5-2.81.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.2.5-3.52.5-3.82.5-4.02.5-4.0
Galvanized iron wire dia.2.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.3.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.0

Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements processing.


Reinforced hexagonal net use heavy twist net machine to weave galvanized wire into mesh that honeycomb type, honeycomb structure has good connectivity, the characteristics is that partial damage does not affect the overall strength of mesh,in the weaving process, mesh transverse plus the same reinforced material, make its surface transverse and longitudinal tensile strength enhanced, this product USES is very wide, can be used for mountain rockface net-suspended spray, road paving used as internal reinforcement, etc.