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Rockfall Protection Netting

Detailed Product Description

Galvanized iron wire dia.1.5-2.81.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.2.5-3.52.5-3.82.5-4.02.5-4.0
Galvanized iron wire dia.2.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.3.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.0


Productions nameNet width M (W)Net length M (L)
Hexagonal wire mesh0.5-4.010-50


Rock fall Steel Wire Netting are factory manufactured rolls made up of mechanically double twisted hexagonal wire mesh using Heavily Galvanized steel wire. Mechanically woven double twisted meshes are non raveling and the edges of the mesh are reinforced with a thicker wire called the selvedge/edge wire. These nets are used to prevent small size boulders or rocks from falling in road ways, the mine, the water and electricity project, the tourist site, the river course and in the municipal engineering, thus minimizing loss of property or life. In case of applications in marine or highly corrosive environment, an additional protection is provided by extruding 0.5mm thick PVC coating over the heavily galvanized wire. The main advantages over other types of mesh are the features of flexibility, non-raveling design, superior corrosion resistance and unique mechanical characters


Benefits and features
● Reduce run off.
● Consistent quality and performance.
● Retain more water than hydro mulch covers.
● Reduce sediment concentration and soil loss.
● Excellent performance in strength and durable under high velocities.
● Vegetation performs better with blankets than with hydro mulches.
● Ease of installation.


Erosion control blankets are used to prevent surface erosion and accelerate the establishment of vegetation. Typically, blankets are intended for the following applications:
● Slope protection
● Channel and ditch linings
● Reservoir embankments and spillways
● Culvert inlets and outfalls
● Dikes, levees and riverbanks


Erosion control blankets provide a mechanically stabilized form of immediate cover, functioning as a barrier against both the detachment and transportation phase of erosion process until vegetation or reinforced vegetation assume this


MESH SIZE: The mesh openings shall be hexagonal and of a nominal dimension of 80mm x 100mm.
MESH WIRE: The nominal wire mesh diameter for the body of the netting shall be 2.7mm in diameter and of a nominal 3.40mm for the edge selvedge wire. All wire shall be in accordance with BS EN 10218-2:1997. The tensile strength falls within a range of 350 to 575 N/mm2. CORROSION Wire shall be zinc coated to BS EN10244-2 2001.


PROTECTION:coating of nominal 0.5mm radial thickness is applied over the galvanised wire.