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Gabion Cage

Detailed Product Description

Gabion wire mesh specifications table:

Productions nameCage length M(L)Cage width M(W)Cage height M(H)
Gabion wire mesh1.0-4.00.5-2.00.5-1.5


Galvanized iron wire dia.1.5-2.81.5-3.51.5-3.51.5-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.2.5-3.52.5-3.82.5-4.02.5-4.0
Galvanized iron wire dia.2.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.02.0-4.0
PVC coated galvanized iron wire dia.3.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.03.0-4.0


Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements processing.


Detailed Product Description
Material:galvanized wire(zinc coated:10g-500g),Galfan Wire,PVC Coated Wire
Hole size:60x80mm 80x100mm 100x120mm
Mesh wire:from 2.0mm-4.0mm
Product Name: Gabion Box,Gabion Basket, Stone Cage, Gabion Mattress, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Gabion Mesh, PVC Coated Gabion Box, Galfan Gabion Basket, Stone Gabion, Gabion Cage, Gabion Retaining Wall
Gabion baskets are made of heavy galvanized wire / ZnAl (Golfan) coated wire / PVC or PE coated wires, the mesh shape is hexagonal style. The gabion baskets are used widely in slope protection, foundation pit supporting, mountain rock holding, river and dams scour protection

Different gabion type:
1)Standard Gabion:2x1x1m,2x1x0.5m,1x1x0.5m,1x1x1m,3x1x1m
2)Reno Mattress:6x2x0.3m,4x2x0.3m,3x1x0.5m, 4x1x0.5m, 4x1x0.5m,
3)Gabion Roll:3x20m 4x20m,width is 5m at most,length is by your require.
4) Terrmesh System:2x1x1x3m
5)Sack gabion:1.8xφ0.6m,2.7xφ0.6m,1.8xφ0.9m,2.7xφ0.9m
If you need other type,pls contact us.our engineer will design gabion by your order.