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Landscape gabion

Detailed Product Description

Product Specification

mesh (cm)Wire Diameter (mm)Size (m)

Note:other specifications can also be customized processing


Landscape gabion is welded with low carbon galvanized steel wire, which is strictly accordance with BS 1052:1986 standard. Then we assemble the front, back, bottom and division panel with spiral tie wire and compress, finally pack with cover panel to a whole cage. It has good tensile strength, simple structure and convenient installation.

It is used in the fields of retaining walls, landscape planting, slope protection, coastal floodgate,etc.


Welded mesh gabion has distinct advantages over other types of mesh:
● Available in a range of wire diameters to suit the application.
● The ability to madify the unit without affecting the integrity of the mesh. Where units require modifying the mesh can be cut back to the next transverse wire which forms the new edge wire.
● Welded mesh gabion is dimensionally stable therefore alignment and deformation are controllable.
● Easier and higher quality of installation.
● Landscape gabion for indoor and outdoor can also be used to decorate the wall