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Welded Gabion Cage

Detailed Product Description
Material:hot Dipped Galvanized Wire, Electric Galvanized Wire, Galfan Coated Wire Or PVC Coating Wire.Wire Diameter:14 G - 23 G.
Mesh Size:1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 1", 2", 3", Etc.Cage Size:2 M × 1 M × 1 M, 2 M × 1 M × 0.5 M, 1 M × 1 M × 1 M, 1 M × 1 M × 0.5 M, 1.5 M × 1 M × 1 M.

Welded gabion cage is made of high quality materials with outstanding corrosion resistant coating, which make the welded gabion cage a more stable and longer service life. The wires are welded into sheets and then assembled into cages. The welded gabion cage has a wider range application than the woven gabion cage in our daily life.
Compared with woven gabion cage, which is widely used in the rivers and watercourses, welded gabion cage is widely used as decorative and functional cages for retaining wall, planters, fireplaces, benches and other landscape design.

Materials of welded gabion cages
The welded gabion cages are available for various materials, you can refer to them and choose the perfect one suitable for you.

● Zinc coated steel wire. The steel wire can be treated with electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized. The thick zinc coating will provide outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance to the welded gabion cage. The galvanized surface treatment can be galvanized before welding, it can also be galvanized after welding. Galvanization after welding can prevent the zinc coating being destroyed by the welding.
● Galfan wire. The Galfan wire refers to the wires with 5% aluminum and 95% zinc coating. It has better corrosion resistance performance than the steel wire. When exposing the airs, the aluminum will form a oxidation layer which resist to the corrosion , rust, acid and other chemical erosion.
● PVC coated wire. The galvanized wire or Galfan wire can be coated with PVC, which supplies triple life to the welded gabion cage. The PVC coated wire has different colors to blend with surrounding environments.

Applications of welded gabion
Welded gabion is widely used in various applications, here are typical applications in the following:
● Gabion planter.
● Retaining wall.
● Fireplaces.
● Slope protection.
● Military defense.
● Landscape construction.
● Road protection.