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Welded Gabion Retaining Wall

Detailed Product Description

1. General Description
The gabion wall is also called retaining wall. A standard gabion wall consists of numerous individual metal wire baskets, or cages, joined together by wire ties to form a unified structure. You can build a single level of baskets or stack baskets on top of each other for a taller wall. The size of the baskets and the rocks varies according to the builder's needs. In some cases, crushed stone is used in place of rocks. You can place the walls vertical to the ground or leaning inward.


2. Gabion wall Details:

Specification of Gabion Wall
TypeWelded gabion basket
MaterialLow carbon steel wire
Wire Diameter3.0mm-5.0mm
Mesh Opening50x50, 75x75, 50x75, 50x100




Heavy hot-dip galvanized
Galvanized- PVC coated
Material StandardASTM A641
Production StandardASTM A974
Quality InspectionSGS, BV, TUV
Other points are under consultation


3. Gabion Wall Application:
● Landscaping with aesthetic appeal
● aesthetic gardens
● Earth retaining structures to prevent erosion of soil.
● Protection of highways, culverts and bridges

Gabion Wall Assemble:
Gabion sections need to assemble to create the upright square or rectangular basket. Proper installation of the lacing wire or helicals that connect the gabion baskets together helps ensure the soundness of the wall. You can usually install helicals, twisted rigid wire fasteners, more quickly than lacing wire. After connecting the basket panels, you connect the baskets to each other with the helical or lacing wire as well.


With the cages built into the retaining wall and the laying of the slope, the cage of the filler material for the loose body, there are more pores, conducive to masonry fill and slope protection under the soil pore water discharge, surface water Once the infiltration in the soil, you can quickly discharge through the masonry, effectively reduce the water table, thereby reducing the wall after the slope and groundwater pressure. Gabion structure in landslide control and debris flow control project, the timely discharge of water to reduce the probability of wall damage, while the deformation of the wall a good ability to effectively buffer the sudden impact of external forces.