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Bastion Barrier

Detailed Product Description
Material:Electric Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized Or Galfan Coated Steel Wire.Wire Diameter:3 Mm - 5 Mm.
Mesh Opening:2" × 2", 3" × 3", 4" × 4".Geotextile Color:White, Gray, Green, Sand And Other Colors.



Bastion barrier is a solid and high strength structure, which is widely used in the military defense and flood controlling applications. It can protect troops and civilian personnel from attacks and intruders, it can defend the bullet and gunfire out of the base.
The structure of bastion barrier is similar as the welded gabion, which is connected by the spiral wires. The filling material of bastion barrier is commonly sands. The welded gabions are lined with heavy duty non-woven polypropylene geotexitile to prevent filling materials from leaking out from the large opening.

Bastion barrier for military defense
Bastion barrier has standard and recoverable types according to different structure. As we all know, though the installation of bastion barrier is easy and fast, but when it is filling with sands or stones, the uninstallation may cost several time and efforts.besides, the war is tight, it they are leaved there, it may destroy the environment, so we have developed a new type of products, named as recoverable bastion barrier. Just removing one joint pin and the filling materials flowing out from the bastion barrier unit. In this way, the bastion barrier can be recovered in a simple, fast way. Additional, the bastion barrier can be folded and take another military base to save cost and protect the environments.

Specifications of military defense bastion barrier
● Material:electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized or Galfan coated steel wire.
● Wire diameter:3 mm - 5 mm.
● Mesh opening:2" × 2", 3" × 3", 4" × 4".
● Geotextile color:white, gray, green, sand and other colors.